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I am offering Counselling using Transactional Analysis. This is a system where we work with parts of yourself that have adopted roles as inner critic, rebellious child or suffocating parent (amongst others).
I use this Counselling modality alongside a longstanding personal exploration of how the body is reacting. Sensory information streams from inside and outside our body boundary. Overwhelm from outside demands are common, so are inner demands in terms of expectations and fear.
I studied Psychology at Glasgow University back in the 1980’s. Both the subject of psychology and myself have been on a journey of dynamic change since then.
Mine has incorporated Reflexology, Reiki, Metatronic Healing, Kundalini yoga, Sound and mantra healing, Mindfulness, Focussing and most recently Somatic Movement.
The journey of Psychology and psychotherapy has taken a course of developing recognition of Adverse Early Childhood experiences, recognition of how much of the score the body keeps! Polyvagal theory which takes us deep into how our nervous and immune systems are processing sensory information.

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