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The attachment response is such a powerful force. Survival force. We seem to be born with all the magnets necessary to latch on to someone, something, sometimes anything that seems to be keeping us alive. If at birth we arrive into a well resourced environment then there are chances we can attach those magnets to a source that will see us, cherish us, feed us and continually notice us with interest until we find capacities to know how to attach ourselves to people and activities which support our being. If our early environment is not so well resourced things can happen in a more haphazard way, with gaps and misses which can leave us flailing to adapt and have a sense of surviving and existing. If we don’t learn/are not shown how to attach ourselves to good nourishment of whatever form, then that process may keep replaying for the rest of our lives.

It can play out in our relationship with food, other people, work, addictive substances. Most often it appears we don’t have an on and off for our attachment magnets. We hold onto things for too long, take in too much, don’t know how to stop. Or the opposite of all of those.

It’s such a critical force in determining how we are at looking after ourselves. Exploring some of how we approach feeding ourselves with food, interest, human contact, in a counselling setting can be extremely valuable in getting to know ourselves and starting to find healthy ways to use our magnets. When to stick with it, and when to let go.

If you would like to request a short call to establish whether working with me could help support you in your discovery please get in touch.

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